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Senast mitt senaste inlägg har en del inom SL kontaktat mig och de flesta har hållt med mig. En del däremot tycker att jag är elak, till er vill jag bara fråga vem i Linden Lab ni vill ligga med? För något annan anledning kan det ju inte finnas.
Jag klipper här in inlägg från Linden Labs blog, och detta är endast sedan den 29 mars, alltså tre dagar…

[RESOLVED] Inworld Money Transactions Problematic at the Moment
Saturday, March 29th, 2008 at 2:30 PM by: Chiyo Linden
[RESOLVED 6:33pm PDT] These issues have been resolved and you should now be able to perform in-world transactions as normal. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.
[UPDATE 4:47pm PDT] While we continue to work on the issue, it has not yet been resolved and we continue to advise that transactions may not work properly at this time. Please keep an eye on this blog for further updates. Thank you.
[UPDATE 2:56PM] We may have been slightly premature in that All Clear before. We are still seeing intermittent problems, but on a much smaller scale. Please be advised that in world transactions are not at 100% at the moment and you may experience potential difficulties.
[UPDATE] The problem is working itself out and it should be once again ok to make purchases and money transactions. If you made a transaction and it did not appear to complete, please check your transaction history on the website and contact the person you paid/bought the item from to confirm that they did not receive the L$ or to request a possible replacement for items not received.
We are getting increased reports of failed or stale money transactions and item purchases. Please refrain from making purchases for the time being until we can track down the source and resolve the issue. Thank you.

[Resolved] Support Phone Lines Unavailable
Sunday, March 30th, 2008 at 9:23 AM by: Kate Linden
[Resolved] Support phone lines are up and running again. We look forward to providing you with telephone support in addition to Live Chat and Ticket submission.
Support phone lines are experiencing temporary disconnection. Support continues to be available through live chat and ticket submission. Updates will be provided here.

[All Clear] Transactions Timing Out
Sunday, March 30th, 2008 at 9:39 AM by: Kate Linden
[All clear 13:05 PST] It is currently clear to conduct transactions again. If this issue should return we will re-open this post again. Thank you for your patience today.
[Re-opened 12:32 PM PST] We are opening this issue again as there are more reports of L$ transactions timing out. Please do not conduct transactions at this time and wait for an all clear.
[Resolved 9:44 AM PST] Thank you to those residents who alerted us to timed out transactions. We wanted to provide you with this information as quickly as possible. Our database corrected itself and all is clear for conducting transactions.
At this time we are asking that you do not conduct transactions for L$, land or object transfer. We are receiving reports of failed transactions and are looking into the possible cause. I will update here with information and an all clear when this issue is resolved.

[Resolved] In World Services Down/Website and Support
Sunday, March 30th, 2008 at 2:05 PM by: Kate Linden
[Update 16:06 PST] We are considering this issue resolved however the transaction log on the website is still a little out of date and there are a few regions still being given attention. We thank you for all of your input and support while we fixed our Second Life.
[Update 15:21 PST] The support portal is available. If there are any support requests we can assist with, please file a support ticket.
[Update 14:52 PST] The main database is back up and we are still bringing services online. Logins should be working again, as well as Maps, Search, TP Transactions and our Website. The support portal may be slow to load. We will continue to update you as more services are online.
[Update 14:25 PST] Second Life is still down. We expect to have a backup system online shortly.
Our database has crashed and caused in world services to go down. We expect it will be ten minutes minimum before we are up and running again.

[Resolved] Live Chat Temporarily Unavailable
Monday, March 31st, 2008 at 1:32 PM by: rheyalinden
[Update @ 2:06 PM on 3/31/08] Second Life Live Chat support has been restored! Happy chatting!
Second Life Live Chat support is temporarily unavailable. We will update you here when it is available again. Thank you for your patience.


Second Life In-World Service Issues
Monday, March 31st, 2008 at 2:33 PM by: rheyalinden
[Update @ 2:30 PM on 3/31/08] The below issues have returned and are being investigated by our Server Team. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.
[Update @ 8:25 AM on 3/31/08] These issues have been resolved.
Several In-World Services such as teleporting, map usage, search functionality, IM/chat and image upload failure are being experienced across Second Life. We are working as quickly as possible to resolve these issues. We will update you here as soon as further information is available. Thank you for your continued patience.

Detta är TRE dagar med Second Life. Detta är ett företag som tar betalt för sina tjänster som har dessa problem.
Samma företag tar 10 dollar för betalande medlemmar. Köper man en sim kostar den 1675 US och sedan 295 US i hyra per månad. Inte en krona bjuder Linden Labs på men problemen blir värre och värre.
Detta satsar stat och kommuner pengar i. Det är INGEN beta, det är ett vinstdrivande företag och dess produkt som fungerar så här dåligt.
Så ni som tycker att jag gnäller på Linden Labs,,, än en gång….vem på företaget vill ni ligga med?
Jo föressten…
Jag försökte mig på det omöjliga att kontakta en Linden anställd. Att få kontakt med dom är ungefär lika lätt som att få ha sex med påven (och då kan jag direkt säga att jag föredrar den andra minst)
Jag skrev…
Ok ms Linden, now I have tried to contact linden time after time and all i get is a awful ”We are sorry” mail back. I spend HUNDREDS of US Dollars every 4 week in this place and Now I want to know what is going on? Things are AWFUL here right now and you at Linden don’t seem to understand that people is loosing money on all this shit that happens day after day. Tell us what is wrong with Second Life or close it down and fix the problems once and for all! Now another party for our club is destroyed, once again we will loose money. But the only thing i know is that when tiers is up for payment, that will work. More then me is starting to get VERY Tired it this now and its as i said, time for you at Linden to speak up and explain what is going on here
Svaret kom efter ungefär 3 min…
[14:35] Kate Linden:
Sedan inget mer. Go Linden Go! e en bra sajt

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