A tribute to SKY

In Second Life, you can do most of the things you can do in real life, and above all you can do things you would never dream of doing in the dark world we call life. Some people love that, some people live there lives through the fantasy they believe they can create. I, too, did that in SL, and in some ways I still do. But there is one place, one very special place that is different. That place makes me feel real inside SL. That place makes me feel good and that place makes me feel loved.
I am talking about SKY, the dance high above for gay and open minded people and their friends. I remember the first time I was at SKY. I was new to SL and found it by coincidence. It was late and there weren’t that many people, but the one who was there was kind and funny, and I felt welcome right from the beginning.
Then it took some weeks until I once again visited SKY. This time, I would meet someone there, someone that I liked and that I today think is a jerk. But now that he is out of my life, I have gotten so many new friends in that club. People that I have learned to know, not only in SL. People that I have come to love.
Like Camenga, my hero! Cam! My “shaggie-boy” whom I will never shag (I can only hope ) but with whom I have become such good friends. My Cam, who visited me during the mornings when I was sad and when I was feeling used. Cam! My wonderful, beautiful Cam!
Reece – wonderful, sweet Reece. The charming boy with his LOL but also with his clothes and help and support. Reece, with whom I can talk about and trust with anything. A real friend in a place that is so very real I can touch it.
Robby, my English gentleman with whom I got a…well…great contact early on. And that contact has lasted. We met on one of his first days in Second Life, and since then, we have such good contact. Besides, which gay person can resist a cute guy who says “bugger” and calls me his “wale”?
Jan, my German knockwurst. The ruler of SKY, but also a man with a great heart. A man who always makes you feel good, but who can also listen and be a real friend. A man that has created a special place in a special world. It takes a special kind of man to manage that. A man like Jan.
Xon, the DJ. I don’t know him so well, but I love his music. And I love him for playing all the good Swedish music there is, and most of all – he plays ABBA!
And not to forget Hux, my lovely Hux. So young, so curious and so full of questions. But also my friend and the only one in SL that I would leave Sweden for if he needed me. Not as a boyfriend, but as the best friend in the world. I love my Hux; I really, really love my Hux.
There are more people at SKY that bring happiness to my life. When I have been away for a while I miss them. I don’t only miss them “in the game”. I miss them for real. I want to know how they are, and I want to know how things are going with them. Of course, there are some jerks, people whose asses I could stick a pole into, but hey! You win some, you lose some…
So this is my little tribute and my declaration of love for SKY. This is my way of telling the entire world that when things feel bad and when things are dark, I often just have to visit SKY to feel better again. And when I’m already feeling good, SKY always makes me feel better.
So thanks Jan! Thank you for what you created. You have something unique in SL. You have shown that gay places don’t need to have dicks on their walls. Let the Americans have that in their homes together with their Xcite beds and love scene balls. You have proved that a club with a heart is what we all really want. And thanks to that SKY is the best club in Second Life. And for that I know that there are many who love you.
With love!
/Walentine Gazov
or as Reece would have said it:

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